About Brian Rossiter, Fruitarian Store Creator and on the Fruitarian Path Since 2010

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Creator of the Fruitarian Store, Brian Rossiter has chased peak health since 2010, embracing a fruitarian diet and posture correction exercises and calisthenics. He has served the fruitarian, raw vegan, raw food and natural health communities since 2012, when he launched Fruit-Powered.com and the now-closed Fruit-Powered Store.

Brian Rossiter moved the Fruit-Powered Store to Fruitarian.Store in February 2022 to better reach the fruitarian and natural health communities seeking choicely picked natural health products and services.

At launch, the Fruitarian Store teems with 150-plus products, and Brian Rossiter has a long list of products to add. You can expect to see the Fruitarian Store grow regularly, with product sales pages and traditional page content being added monthly.

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Brian Rossiter Also Helps Clients Via His Raw Vegan Coaching Program and Posture Exercises Method Services, Offering the Best Guidance on Diet and Exercise

Brian Rossiter’s core passions and missions in life are to work with clients wanting the best out of themselves and their lives. He offers the finest diet and exercise programs available: the Raw Vegan Coaching Program and Posture Exercises Method.

Brian Rossiter provides guidance for transitioning fruitarians to succeed and enjoy peak health, energy and clarity and anyone—from chronic pain sufferers to athletes, from children to senior citizens—to achieve pain relief and peak performance in all they do.

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