The Best Raw Vegan Kitchen Tools

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Raw vegan kitchen tools can make or break your ability to successfully transition to as well as thrive on a fruitarian diet.

It’s true that we shouldn’t need any raw vegan kitchen tools to eat mounds of fruit, but the reality is, tools can help make a fruitarian lifestyle much more convenient and practical. Raw vegan kitchen tools can even help you get more nutrition than you could physically eat in a day, and this is beneficial in gaining a nutritional edge to compensate for the nutritionally deficient fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds almost all us are eating.

Let’s shine a spotlight on the best raw vegan kitchen tools so you can get the most out of your experience in leading a fruitarian lifestyle and get the most value for your hard-earned dollars.

Raw Vegan Kitchen Tools: High-Powered Blenders

When talking about the best raw vegan kitchen tools, the list has to start with a high-powered blender.

A high-powered blender can help you make all kinds of raw vegan recipes, from fruit smoothie recipes and green smoothie recipes to ridiculously decadent dressing recipes and sauces plus hearty and wholesome soup recipes.

A high-powered blender is the ultimate raw vegan kitchen tool, as no other tool can match its versatility in raw vegan recipe creation.

A high-powered blender can also make it easier to commute to work with a pair of 10-banana smoothies as opposed to hauling a cumbersome box full of ripe nanners, worrying that your breakfast and lunch might get bruised or that the golden and spotted skins might split, inviting flies.

My picks for top high-powered blenders are Breville and Vitamix models. I’ve owned a pair of Vitamix blender models and used other models extensively while working at raw food cafés years ago. Vitamix puts out extraordinary machines.

But the Breville Super Q Blender is not only the best Breville blender but the best blender I’ve ever used. After having fantastic experiences with other Breville appliances, I went all in with the Breville Super Q Blender and found that it succeeds where previous Vitamix models failed me. My Breville Super Q Blender sales page breaks down all the reasons why I consider this to be the best blender I’ve owned or used as well as the ultimate raw vegan kitchen tool, but suffice it to say that it excels in blending everything I throw at it, including grape-based smoothies and nut- and seed-based salad dressings in small volumes.

Check out the Breville Super Q Blender—the Ultimate Raw Vegan Kitchen Tool—in Action in This Video

Buy a Vitamix Blender or Breville Super Q Blender and Make Silky-Smooth Smoothies and Signature Salad Dressings

Raw Vegan Kitchen Tools: High-Powered Juicers

Moving down the list of the best raw vegan kitchen tools, it’s time to zero in on high-powered juicers.

For my first seven years on a fruitarian diet, I almost never juiced despite owning models from Champion and Omega. These models were masticating juicers, making them up to the task when creating nice cream but rather slow when pumping out juice with a lot of celery or lettuce, for example.

I bought a now-discontinued centrifugal juicer and, later, stepped up my game when I bought a Breville Juice Fountain Cold XL. I had wanted a wider feed tube, and this model’s 3½-inch-wide feed tube means less time cutting and less time juicing. All this extra time can make all the difference in using a juicer a lot—even every day—or only a little.

Let me tell you: Owning a high-powered juicer can turn out to be a very valuable raw vegan kitchen tool to have in your arsenal. I start my days with a 16-ounce celery juice and often have a second juice that I blend with a grape-based smoothie, calling this wildly delicious and nutritious concoction a smuice, or a mash-up of “smoothie” and “juice.” I’ve also imbibed my Magic 100 Juices practically every Sunday for dinner since December 2017 and haven’t been sick since just a month after starting this potent fruitarian lifestyle routine.

With a high-powered juicer, you can take in so much nutrition from celery, cucumbers and lettuce—more than you could comfortably eat.

In a modern world that’s extremely toxic to the human body, adding freshly made juice to your fruitarian lifestyle is a very wise move to make for rapid rejuvenation.

See the Breville Juice Fountain Cold XL at Work in This Video

Raw Vegan Kitchen Tools: Food Processors

A food processor is a highly versatile raw vegan kitchen tool, enabling you to process foods in different ways, from chopping, dicing and slicing to shredding and julienning. You can make salsa, zucchini orzo, mixtures in producing raw vegan breads and so much more.

The Breville 16-Cup Food Processor, also known as the Breville Sous Chef 16 Peel & Dice, is the leading Breville food processor and one of—if not the—best food processors on the consumer market. It comes with a peeling and 12-millimeter dicing attachment, delivering high-precision cuts.

The Breville Sous Chef 16 Peel & Dice will dazzle the eye when it comes to slicing. Its variable slicing disc allows you to dial in a whopping 24 cut sizes, from 0.3 millimeters to 8 millimeters.

If you like to prepare simple to fancy fruitarian recipes, if you prepare food for a number of people, if you like to prepare food for guests regularly, the Breville 16-Cup Food Processor is bound to be a remarkable addition to your raw vegan kitchen tools.

Discover How Versatile the Breville 16-Cup Food Processor Is in This Revealing Video

Buy a Well-Built Food Processor to Help You Save Time in Making Riveting Recipes

Get More out of Your Breville Food Processor's Capabilities With Extra Accessories

The Breville 16-Cup Food Processor comes with a treasure trove of parts, but you can do even more with this durably built and supremely solid food processor.

Click the buttons below to call up even more accessories, including a gem of a dicing kit, making it possible to produce 8-millimeter and 16-millimeter cubes—perfect for perfecting your pico prowess!

Raw Vegan Kitchen Tools: Food Choppers

A food chopper is next up on my list of the best raw vegan kitchen tools, and I view it as a sibling to a full-fledged food processor.

These handy tools—also going by the names vegetable choppers and fruit choppers—can help you create exquisitely diced bell peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes for use in big-bowled raw vegan salads. Every forkful will be a masterpiece in your mouth!

A food chopper such as the fully equipped Mueller Pro-Series 8-Blade Food Chopper can help you prepare pico de gallo in mere minutes.

Want some pineapple or strawberry chunks? This is a cinch to make with this powerful raw vegan kitchen tool!

You can also grate and slice your way to raw vegan recipe bliss.

Mueller puts out a wide range of kitchen tools, many of which could serve as raw vegan kitchen tools for fruit lovers everywhere, and many reviewers seem to enjoy the Mueller Pro-Series 8-Blade Food Chopper as much as I do.

Buy a Mueller Vegetable Chopper and Save Kitchen Prep Time

The Best Raw Vegan Kitchen Tools: Summing up

As you can see, the best raw vegan kitchen tools can help take you to another level in terms of recipe creation while providing ease, convenience and versatility on a fruitarian diet.

I have used these raw vegan kitchen tools—a high-powered blender, high-powered juicer, built-like-a-tank food processor and nifty food chopper—for many years and get a lot of joy out of them as well as their food output.

I believe these raw vegan kitchen tools can help you find tremendous time savings and excitement in producing wide-ranging recipes for all your meals.

Enjoy your recipes! 🌞

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