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Longtime fruitarian and natural health enthusiast Brian Rossiter has amassed the vast collection of products and services on the Fruitarian Store. All these items made the Fruitarian Store listings based on the research of and testing by Brian Rossiter as well as trusted recommendations from fruitarian and natural health colleagues.

Brian Rossiter started his fruitarian journey in April 2010 with daily consumption of green smoothies before embracing a fruitarian diet in January 2011. He launched and the now-closed Fruit-Powered Store in 2012 before moving this store to Fruitarian.Store in February 2022 to better reach fruitarian, raw vegan, raw food and natural health enthusiasts.

Many products are sold directly on the Fruitarian Store, and other products are products for which the Fruitarian Store serves as an affiliate. Some third-party websites are owned by fruitarian and natural health colleagues, and others are owned by larger organizations, including

Upon launch in February 2022, the Fruitarian Store offered more than 150-plus products and services.

Fruitarian Store creator Brian Rossiter is committed to adding multiple items each month, growing the store’s offerings considerably year over year.

New products and articles are being published and featured items are being showcased on the Fruitarian Store every month.

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Because the Fruitarian Store contains such wide-ranging items—from instantly deliverable PDF ebooks to products sold on multiple third-party websites—the store’s policy is that no returns are accepted and no refunds are given.

Please be certain you are comfortable with making your purchase(s).

Please be certain that you are ordering the correct book format, as almost all titles sold directly on Fruitarian.Store, with payment transactions accepted on this website, are ebooks. Some customers miss this information and expect print books. (Please note that the Fruitarian Store processes payment for Don Bennett’s ebooks and print books as well as DVDs.)

With some other titles, sold on third-party websites, print books may be available. These websites should have this information available for you to be certain before making a purchase.

Please contact Fruitarian Store creator Brian Rossiter if you believe your product offerings are ideal for inclusion in the Fruitarian Store.

Please note that only vegan products will be considered.

Fruitarian Store creator Brian Rossiter published six books from mid-2012 to mid-2014: Alive!, A Taste of Raw Food: 7 Days of Smoothies ‘n Salads and the four-volume Mouthwatering Recipe Book Series: Smoothies; Appetizers, Snacks and Party Dishes; Main Courses, Salads and Soups; and Dressings, Dips, Spreads, Sauces and Salsas.

With the launch of the Fruitarian Store, Brian Rossiter has decided that his time and efforts are better spent on working one-on-one with clients of his Raw Vegan Coaching Program and Posture Exercises Method as well as launching new websites than on updating these books.

Clients who work with Brian Rossiter in his Raw Vegan Coaching Program get the ultimate in peak health, energy and clarity from a fruitarian who has chased optimal living since 2010. Everything Brian Rossiter does with diet has evolved significantly from his lifestyle approaches from the early 2010s. Brian Rossiter’s breakthrough ideas and approaches occur too quickly to be encapsulated in books.

Clients who work with Brian Rossiter in his Posture Exercises Method get the ultimate in pain relief and peak performance from a posture trainer and performance coach who eliminated chronic pain in late 2010 after a decade of suffering and after embracing practically daily practice of special posture exercises. In his mid-40s, Brian Rossiter is in the best shape of his life and continually fine-tunes his approaches to posture exercises and enhances the Posture Exercises Method.


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