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Brian Rossiter is the creator of the Fruitarian Store, the new home of the former Fruit-Powered Store. He has been on the fruitarian path since 2010, going raw vegan in January 2011.

Brian Rossiter is also the creator of the natural health website and natural health and raw vegan magazine Fruit-Powered Magazine.

Brian Rossiter works with clients via his Raw Vegan Coaching Program, helping them achieve peak health, energy and clarity, and Posture Exercises Method, helping them achieve pain relief and peak performance.

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Note: If you arrived on this page from or another website and are searching for any of the six books Brian Rossiter published from mid-2012 to mid-2014—Alive!, A Taste of Raw Food: 7 Days of Smoothies ‘n Salads and the four-volume Mouthwatering Recipe Book Series: Smoothies; Appetizers, Snacks and Party Dishes; Main Courses, Salads and Soups; and Dressings, Dips, Spreads, Sauces and Salsas—please note that they are no longer available.

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