2020 Vision by Mango Wodzak

2020 Vision: Veganism ++ by Mango Wodzak calls for humanity to embrace veganism so that we may experience an earthly manifestation of paradise.

Available in ebook format.


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2020 Vision by Mango Wodzak Is a Timely Title Designed to Inspire Embracement of a Vegan Lifestyle

2020 Vision: Veganism ++ by Mango Wodzak arrives like a clarion call for humanity to wake up to veganism. Becoming vegan is a form of awakening, Mango Wodzak writes in 2020 Vision, his latest masterpiece. Veganism is a conscious commitment to behaving decently toward our fellow earthlings. This journey, however, doesn’t end simply by cutting out animal products from one’s diet and lifestyle. There are many more ways we can lessen the harm our presence has on our fellow earthlings and on the environment in general.

2020 Vision Challenges All Conscious Souls Seeking the Truth

2020 Vision is designed to challenge all truth seekers and serve as a reminder to us all that we can do better. If you’re already a seasoned vegan, then 2020 Vision is for you, too, as it follows the path of veganism beyond what is generally accepted as normal within the vegan community.

The end goal of the vision shared inside the pages of 2020 Vision is to help influence an earthly manifestation of paradise. The end goal is to redirect humanity to begin viewing life from a radically different angle and to set foot softly on the path less traveled.

2020 Vision: Veganism ++ underscores the key reasons why we all need to leave animal remains off our shopping lists and switch instead to a plant-based diet. 2020 Vision‘s subtitle, Veganism ++, means “Veganism Extended,” as it goes beyond what is generally accepted and embraced as veganism.

2020 Vision Excerpt

“The only thing which prevents one from embracing the 2020 vision is oneself. That is where the real battle must be waged, and it will be won, one awakened person after another … .”
—Mango Wodzak

2020 Vision Foreword Excerpt

“While reading this masterpiece, I found myself nodding in agreement, smiling over fascinating insights, laughing over human beings’ ridiculous ways, pausing to take notes, and raising my fist in triumph, wishing all the many life- and world-changing things Mango writes about would just hurry up and happen already! … Mango pulls off something that’s touching, inspiring and illuminating in this book, based on his many years of experience in fruitarian and minimalist natural living. He puts his wonderful vocabulary, clever constructions, witty attitude and heartfelt prose to work in a way that’s fresh as it is memorable in an instant-classic kind of way.”
—Brian Rossiter

195 pages. Available in ebook format.

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