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Berkey water filters are outstanding water filtration systems, helping ensure you minimize consumption of water contaminants, a common problem in most municipalities. Give your health a boost by ensuring you clean up your water supply before consuming gallons of water weekly.

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Berkey Water Filters Are Premier Water Filtration Systems

Berkey water filters excel at purifying water, helping remove 200-plus contaminants in tap water along with untreated freshwater sources such as ponds, rivers and streams. Given that more than 20 million Americans drink and use water for washing their bodies and food that violates health standards, do you know definitively that your health isn’t being compromised by chemical-laden and polluted water?

If you’re looking for a high-quality water filtration system or water purification system, you would stand to be impressed with Berkey water filters. Berkey Filters offers a variety of water purifiers in sizes that will serve you or your entire family well.

Berkey Water Filter Sizes and Container Capacities

• Travel Berkey Water Filter:
1½ gallons

• Big Berkey Water Filter:
2¼ gallons

• Berkey Light Water Filter:
2¾ gallons

• Royal Berkey Water Filter:
3¼ gallons

• Imperial Berkey Water Filter:
4½ gallons

• Crown Berkey Water Filter:
6 gallons

Berkey Water Filters Are Built to Last at a Very Affordable Cost

Berkey water filters are well-built and high-polished 304 stainless steel water drums that, along with their filters, are economical and long-lasting.

Two black Berkey Purification Elements filters last for a whopping 6,000 gallons before requiring replacement. When you run the math, this comes out to a paltry 2 cents for each gallon of gloriously purified water.

Moreover, two Berkey Fluoride Water Filters last for 1,000 gallons or a year, whichever comes first. This totals about 12½ cents per gallon.

Most competing solutions in the water filtration marketplace can’t match these incredible cost savings, especially when you consider the integrity of Berkey water filters, which will be spotlighted shortly.

See What's Special About the Travel Berkey and Big Berkey Water Filtration Systems

Berkey Water Filters Are Among the Finest Water Filtration Systems on the Market

Berkey water filters are known to be robust water filtration systems, elbowing out their competition in independent tests.

As a matter of fact, Berkey Purification Elements filters technically qualify as water purification systems, or water purifiers, because they remove 99.9999999 percent of pathogenic bacteria and 99.999 percent of viruses, both exceeding purification standards.

Berkey Purification Elements filters remove more than 200 contaminants, including: chloramine (below lab detectable limit), trihalomethanes (99.8 percent), pharmaceuticals (99.9 percent), most heavy metals and pesticides (below lab detectable limit).

Berkey Fluoride Water Filters, meanwhile, are effective at removing as much as 97 percent of fluoride, including sodium fluoride, sodium fluorosilicate and fluorosilicic acid 1. These filters are also able to filter out preoxidized arsenic III and arsenic V, MTBE and other heavy metals.

Check out the Royal Berkey and Imperial Berkey Water Purification Systems

Fruitarian Store Creator Brian Rossiter Has Enjoyed Using His Travel Berkey Water Filter

From July 2014 to May 2021, Fruitarian Store creator Brian Rossiter relied exclusively on Megahome water distillers for his water-purification needs. These units are outstanding, producing 1 gallon of crystal-clear and clean-tasting water in about 5½ hours.

Using water distillers come with drawbacks, however. In the winter, his water distiller would produce heavy condensation in the kitchen, even with windows cracked, causing some apprehension over nearby electronics items. In the summer, his water distiller would increase the temperature throughout his home, triggering an increased reliance on air conditioning, which he’d rather avoid using.

Brian Rossiter weighed the environmental impact if every household on the planet were to increase the temperature a few degrees by using a water distiller and decided to invest in a Travel Berkey Water Filter, with Berkey Fluoride Water Filters.

It must be noted that water distillation is regarded as the purest form of water. Therefore, although Berkey water filters are robust when it comes to water purification, they do allow more contaminants to seep through.

Brian Rossiter faced about 1½ weeks of re-contamination because of his use of a Berkey water filter but still wound up embracing this water filtration system because of ease of use and zero temperature and electricity impact.

The water from his Berkey Travel Water Filter looks and tastes clean and retains a sufficient amount of minerals, unlike his water distiller.

After some time of use, Brian Rossiter is grateful for his investment in his Travel Berkey water filter.

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