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Bodylastics Resistance Bands Kits save you from gym memberships and travel times and enable you to enjoy working out your whole body at home without the need for bulky and expensive equipment.

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Bodylastics Resistance Bands Deliver an Exercise Bands Workout at Home or While Traveling

Bodylastics Resistance Bands are exercise bands made from high-quality materials for the greatest workout, durability and safety. Bodylastics Resistance Bands can be used at home or taken on the road with you while you travel, making them very convenient as well as saving you money and home space in bulky exercise equipment or money and time in gym memberships and travel.

They are not only the original exercise bands but have been the industry leader since 1998 in design and quality and were named by The New York Times as the best bands on the market.

Bodylastics Resistance Bands Offer Tremendous Value and Adaptability

The Bodylastics 14-Piece Max XT Resistance Bands Set is ideal for the beginner and intermediate exercise enthusiast. This set comes with:

• 6 snap guard bands
• 1 yellow band (3 pounds)
• 1 green band (5 pounds)
• 1 red band (8 pounds)
• 1 blue band (13 pounds)
• 1 black band (19 pounds)
• 1 purple band (23 pounds)
• 2 heavy-duty foam-covered handles
• 2 heavy-duty ankle straps
• 1 heavy-duty door anchor
• 1 small anywhere anchor
• An exercise resource guide booklet
• A storage and travel bag

This set offers tremendous variability in resistance, enabling you to add bands to handles so you can work out at a level appropriate for you—and grow when you’re ready! Bodylastics also offers packages featuring multiple pieces to suit individuals of various strengths and workout needs.

Brian Rossiter’s Experience With Bodylastics Resistance Bands, Which Can Widen the Scope of Your Exercise Routine at an Affordable Price

From 2010 to 2013, Fruitarian Store creator Brian Rossiter used Bodylastics Resistance Bands and found them to be first-rate exercise equipment as well as easily and quickly adjustable. What’s most amazing about them is the range of exercises that opens up with their use, especially if you use a door to secure the bands.

Brian Rossiter used his Bodylastics Resistance Bands three times a week during this three-year period to complement his Posture Exercises Method workouts, designed for pain relief and prevention as well as peak performance. Since then, he shifted to workouts comprising solely posture correction exercises and calisthenics.

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Many, however, enjoy using exercise equipment, be it weights or exercise bands. For those looking for well-built, affordable exercise equipment that is compact and portable, you need look no farther than Bodylastics Resistance Bands.

Check out Bodylastics Resistance Bands in Action

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Share to Help Loved Ones Find Natural Health Items They'd Benefit From and Enjoy

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