Champion Juicers

Champion juicers are dependable, well-built and long-lasting masticating juicers that produce exceptional fruit juices, vegetable juices, nice cream and banana ice cream.

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Champion Juicers Are Versatile and Make the Best Nice Cream | Banana Ice Cream Maker

Champion juicers such as the Champion Elite 4000 and Champion Classic 2000 Commercial models are dependable, ruggedly built, high-quality and long-lasting masticating juicers that deliver continuous cool juicing, with automatic pulp ejection. Champion juicers are versatile, able to juice fruits, vegetables, leafy greens. These kitchen tools are known for making simply the best nice cream, making these built-like-tanks machines the ultimate banana ice cream maker.

Champion Juicers Are Prized for Their Reliable Performance

Fruitarian Store creator Brian Rossiter owned a Champion Classic 2000 Commercial juicer for several years and appreciated it for its reliable performance and strong build quality. He made occasional fruit juices and vegetable juices with this juicer but used it primarily to make nice cream, usually with family and friends. His sister’s young children especially loved the delicious, creamy fruit treats in their bowls, making him think this banana ice cream maker is peerless when it comes to mimicking the consistency of soft-serve ice cream. Champion juicers pump out wonderfully smooth frozen fruit sorbet treats!

Brian Rossiter has heard and read stories about owners of Champion juicers using their machines to make fruit juices, vegetable juices, nut butters, baby food and nice cream and banana ice cream for decades! You might be hard-pressed to find a tougher juicer on the market.

Whip up Your Favorite Fruits With Champion Juicers

Latest Models of Champion Juicers Are Powerful Products With Exceptional Warranties

Champion Elite 4000 juicers represent a fresh take on the Champion Classic 2000 models and come in smaller, lighter footprints and are chip-resistant and fade-resistant. These Elite 4000 models are powered by a heavy-duty, one-third horsepower, 540-watt General Electric motor. These juicers boast 2¼-inch-diameter feed tube, helpful in plopping down apples and other fruits. These Elite 4000 models feature two separate augers, for grinding and greens—even wheatgrass, without a special attachment.

The manufacturer of Champion juicers stands behind its products with a five-year limited warranty, with cutter blades and screens under warranty for one year.

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