Forks Over Knives

Forks Over Knives presents research on the management and reversal of health conditions through adoption of a whole-foods plant-based diet and puts this claim to the test by focusing on a few folks who’ve changed their diets.

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Forks Over Knives, a Favorite Among Plant-Based Diet Movies, Shines a Light on Healing Through a Plant-Based Diet

Forks Over Knives examines the claim that most “diseases of affluence” afflicting people can be controlled and even reversed by eliminating animal and processed food products from the diet. This well-made documentary, a top film among plant-based diet movies, traces the personal journeys of researchers Dr. T. Colin Campbell and Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn and other folks who adopted a plant-based diet.

Forks Over Knives Is a Movie That Can Inspire You to Go Vegan and Change Your Health Destiny

Despite the most advanced medical technology in the world, Americans are sicker than ever. Seven out of 10 are overweight. Half of Americans take at least one drug. Diabetes cases are skyrocketing, especially among youths. Forks Over Knives shows that there’s a single solution to all these problems. The solution is a plant-based diet.

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Forks Over Knives Is Steeped in Research About the Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet

Dr. T. Colin Campbell, a nutritional scientist, was concerned in the late 1960s with producing “high-quality” animal protein to bring to the poor and malnourished areas of the developing world. While in the Philippines, he discovered that the country’s wealthier children, who consumed relatively high amounts of animal products, were much more likely to get liver cancer. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, a top surgeon, found that many of the diseases he treated were unknown in parts of the world where animal-based foods were rarely consumed.

These discoveries inspired Drs. T. Colin Campbell and Caldwell Esselstyn to conduct several groundbreaking studies. One study took place in China and is still among the most comprehensive health-related investigations ever undertaken. Their research led them to conclude that degenerative diseases such as heart disease, Type 2 diabetes and even several forms of cancer could almost always be prevented—and in many cases reversed—by adopting a whole-foods, plant-based diet.

Forks Over Knives puts the idea of food as medicine to the test. Doctors teach patients suffering from health conditions how to adopt a vegan diet as the primary approach to treat their ailments.

Running time: 90 minutes.

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