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GRIP6 Belts are fashionable, durable and easy-to-use accessory belts whose buckles and straps can be mixed and matched. With a few buckles and straps, you can create designs to suit a range of outfits and occasions and feel confident your purchases will last for many years to come—maybe even your lifetime.

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GRIP6 Belts Might Very Well Be the Last Belts You Own

GRIP6 belts are the belts to own if you’re a minimalist and devoted to protecting the environment.

GRIP6 belts might very well be the last belts you own in your lifetime. These sharp-looking, extremely well-designed and supremely constructed belts are backed with an unlimited lifetime warranty, protecting against malfunction, accident and wear and tear.

GRIP6 belts have been designed to last a lifetime.

Discover What Makes GRIP6 Belts Special

GRIP6 Belt Buckles and Straps Can Be Mixed and MatchED to Create Many Combinations

GRIP6, which produces its belts and other products 100 percent in the United States, features a wide range of interchangeable belt buckles and straps. You can easily mix and match belt buckles and straps, creating looks that suit any outfit or occasion.

In mere seconds, you can swap out a ninja or gunmetal belt buckle for a playful honeycomb buckle design—and choose from belt strap colors such as black, gray, khaki or the sublimely gorgeous glacier blue.

GRIP6 produces a growing range of men’s, women’s and children’s belts, encompassing categories such as carbon belts, chess belts, classic belts, conservation belts, craftsman belts, flag belts, narrow belts, naturalist belts, premium belts, soul belts, titanium belts, ultralight belts and work belts.

GRIP6 Belts Are No-Fuss Belts

Purely minimalistic, GRIP6 belts feature no moving parts, helping ensure the products’ durability. Buckles are cut from T6061 aluminum, and straps are woven with high-strength nylon webbing.

Surely, with GRIP6 belts, gone are the days you have to fork over money every year or two to replace belts with widening holes, cracks and splits.

With a no-slip locking mechanism, these belt buckles don’t slip or require any adjustment throughout the day, a common issue with traditional hole-less belts.

Finally, GRIP6 belt strap tails tuck behind the belt buckle, making for a sleek look.

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