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With Lock Laces, the world’s top-selling locking shoelaces, you can turn any pair of lace-up athletic shoes, dress shoes or boots into slip-on shoes, thanks to a nifty and convenient elastic no-tie lacing system. With more than 7 million pairs sold globally, Lock Laces are highly popular no-tie shoelaces—the first on the market.

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Lock Laces Are Locking Shoelaces That Deliver an Easier, Faster and Safer Shoe Experience

With Lock Laces, the first locking shoelaces on the market, you can easily convert your lace-up sneakers, dress shoes or boots into slip-on shoes, saving yourself a lot of shoe-tying time over the rest of your life!

Imagine getting your shoes on in mere seconds as opposed to having to hunch your body over, impairing your breathing, to tie your shoes every day—even multiple times every day.

With children and senior citizens, especially, having a no-tie lacing system means no more falls from tripping on laces, creating huge health advantages and even potentially saving lives.

Watch a Lock Laces Quick-Installation Video and Discover How Easy It Is to Use These No-Tie Shoelaces

Lock Laces Offer a Better and More-Flexible Shoe Experience

Lock Laces offer something referred to as stretch-fit comfort as opposed to restrictive traditional shoe laces, which often can feel too tight or even too loose. How many times in your life have you had to retie your laces because they felt uncomfortable, creating safety issues?

A key advantage of using elastic locking shoelaces such as Lock Laces is that the laces adjust to your foot like some perfect-fitting glove. This level of gentle compression can help you perform at your very best by reducing pain. Some world-class athletes rave about these locking shoelaces, initially created for triathletes to reduce transition time.

See a Top Pickleball Athlete Sing the Praises of Lock Laces No-Tie Shoelaces in This Video

Lock Laces Features and Benefits, Including a Fantastic Company Guarantee

Lock Laces fibers comprise six strands whose width runs 0.22 centimeters. These no-tie shoelaces are 48 inches long, with some models running 72 inches long.

Lock Laces are suitable for everyone but are especially welcomed by senior citizens and anyone suffering from health conditions such as arthritis, autism spectrum disorder and diabetes.

The company guarantees 100 percent customer satisfaction, claiming that Lock Laces are guaranteed to survive the entire lifetime of one pair of lace-up tennis shoes.

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