Rainbow Island Cleanse by Chris Kendall and Ashley Lauren

Rainbow Island Cleanse by Chris Kendall and Ashley Lauren is your ticket to revitalizing your life, clearing emotional blockages while reseting your body with cleansing fruits!

Available in ebook format.

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Rainbow Island Cleanse Is a Spinoff Project of a Successful Group Cleanse Put on by Authors Chris Kendall and Ashley Lauren

Rainbow Island Cleanse is the book extension of a celebrated group health cleanse run by authors Chris Kendall, the most-sought-after raw vegan chef, and Ashley Lauren.

Unlike most physical detoxification programs, Rainbow Island Cleanse is a complete body, mind and spirit chakra-cleansing awareness adventure!

Rainbow Island Cleanse Can Recharge and Revitalize You, Even Leading You to Life-Changing Experiences

When you immerse yourself in Rainbow Island Cleanse, you’ll enjoy a fantastic opportunity to dive deep into your patterns so you can understand what you are truly releasing during your detox. You’ll benefit from getting to root emotions as opposed to glossing over the source of your emotional blocks. Out of this process, you might just realize life-changing and life-awakening results!

Picture yourself on a cleanse—better, a chakra-charging adventure. You know precisely what you need to thrive and have many tools close at hand. Your mind is blissed out from the perfect affirmation, and your body and spirit feel energized from the chakra-tailored yoga routine you just engaged in.

With your mouth watering, you are set to dive in to as much of your favorite sweet fruit as you desire!

Now, a week later, you’ve wrapped up your cleanse and feel positively electric. You are amazed in your feeling clearer-minded than you have in years and relish the lightness and exuberance in your steps and thoughts. You even want to eat healthier and simpler foods from this point onward.

Know that this isn’t a fantasy. Rainbow Island Cleanse is an inspired mono-fruit adventure that offers all of us the opportunity to explore and identify our needs in determining the areas we could stand to focus on physically, mentally and energetically.

Free Healing Energy by Giving Your Digestive System a Break, Thanks to This Book’s Easily Digestible Recipes

This title serves up recipes that are wonderfully advantageous for the digestive system, giving it a much-needed break from the complex meals many eat regularly.

These recipes also perfect for busy people on the go. If you’re new to fruitarian-style eating, fruit is fast, cheap and easy. It quite simply is the original fast food. You’ll be stunned at how easy it is to enjoy fruit and how satisfied you’ll be. It saves you time in the kitchen and you gain energy, awareness, clarity and more to do the things you truly love.

Available in ebook format.

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