Raw Energy Mini-Course by Dr. T.C. Fry

Raw Energy Mini-Course by Dr. T.C. Fry is a special course overflowing with detailed information on how to supercharge yourself with energy and life. Discover wonderful studies in nutrition and natural health principles as well as how to practically apply them in your own life.

Available in ebook format.


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Raw Energy Mini-Course by Dr. T.C. Fry Is Jam-Packed With Nutrition and Natural Health Information

Raw Energy Mini-Course by Dr. T.C. Fry is a special information-loaded course on how to supercharge your health and whole life! This jam-packed course teems with studies in nutrition and natural health principles as well as their practical application.

Raw Energy Mini-Course is a transformational course that will teach you every basic concept of nutrition and natural healing for creating vibrant, high-energy and sustained health in which you truly become your own doctor. It will also provide you with the knowledge to be an amazingly effective nutrition and health educator and counselor.

Raw Energy Mini-Course Has Served As the Backbone of Some Raw Vegan Leaders’ Education

Dr. T.C. Fry is a legend in the natural health and raw vegan movements. He is credited with helping thousands upon thousands heal during his lifetime and inspired scores of health educators. His work resoundingly echoes to this day, a quarter-century after T.C. Fry passed away.

Dr. David Klein masterfully studied and fully applied the teachings of Raw Energy Mini-Course during the first two months of his healing, in 1984. He not only freed himself from severe ulcerative colitis, which had nearly ruined him, but was instilled with 90 percent of the knowledge he uses to this day to guide countless people to new health. Raw Energy Mini-Course is highly recommended for all nutrition enthusiasts and athletes. It explains why some foods are healthful and others are toxic and, thus, enervating and destructive to the human body.

Raw Energy Mini-Course features an extensive food ranking table as well as sample menus and food preparation instructions. It also teaches the foundational principles of healing and superior health maintenance. Finally, this mini-course will make you a high-energy nutritional health genius!

463 pages. Available in ebook format.

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