Rawlicious Magic by Jenée Fruity Gypsy

Rawlicious Magic by Jenée Fruity Gypsy features more than 40 fruitarian diet recipes, from salads, main courses and noodle dishes to desserts and salt-free ferments. Enjoy recipes for Summer Nectarine & Spinach Surprise, Luscious Low-Fat Lasagne, Creamy Mushroom Alfredo and more!

Available in ebook format.


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Rawlicious Magic by Jenée Fruity Gypsy Features 40-Plus Extraordinary, Easily Prepared Raw Vegan Recipes

In Rawlicious Magic by Jenée Fruity Gypsy, discover 40-plus superhealthy and delicious fruitarian diet recipes that are quick and easy to make. Do you want to learn how to make tasty raw food recipes with ingredients that are affordable and easily available? Would you love to eat for dinner a delicious low-fat gourmet meal that is easy and quick to make? Do you desire to lose extra weight and boost your energy so you can do all the things you love?

Rawlicious Magic by Jenée Fruity Gypsy, a longtime vegan and raw food enthusiast who has traveled the world for many years, is for you!

Rawlicious Magic Bursts With Wonderful Raw Vegan Salad Recipes, Noodle Recipes, Dessert Recipes and More!

In Rawlicious Magic by Jenée Fruity Gypsy, you’ll have access to recipes for crunchy salads, creamy pasta dishes, amazing gourmet main courses and decadent desserts so you can indulge without experiencing the bulge. Rawlicious Magic showcases simple step-by-step method and list of ingredients for every recipe, making the book easy and simple to use.

You’ll learn in this book how to turn zucchini and cucumber into tasty raw pasta meals even children will love. You’ll also learn in Rawlicious Magic exciting new ways to eat more fruits and vegetables to boost your energy and improve your health.

Rawlicious Magic Excerpt

“I love eating yummy food but not at the expense of my health. I enjoy feeling alive and joyful and that is why I love eating raw foods. I include loads of delicious fruits and vegetables in my diet! Eating healthily does not have to be hard work or boring. There are so many yummy fruits and vegetables that are bursting with flavour to make it an exciting and enjoyable new experience.”
—Jenée Fruity Gypsy

Rawlicious Magic Review

“How refreshing to discover a collection of super simple and tasty raw food recipes! So many raw food books contain fat-laden and complex recipes that it can put people off eating raw altogether! Not only that, they are unhealthy and can lead to health issues like candida and digestive issues. Rawlicious Magic is a great tool for all those who want to learn about easy and tasty raw food cuisine. Smoothies, salads, soups, main courses, desserts, ice creams—it’s got it all. Highly recommended!”
—Yulia Tarbath

107 pages. Available in ebook format.

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