Squatty Potty Bidet | Save Trees, Money and Time

A Squatty Potty Bidet is your ticket to saving trees, money and time while markedly enhancing your bathroom elimination experience.

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A Squatty Potty Bidet Dramatically Improves Your Bathroom Experience While Saving You Time and Money and Sparing Environmental Damage

A Squatty Potty Bidet is your gateway to saving trees, money and time while dramatically improving your bathroom elimination experience!

When you think about how much toilet paper is used during elimination and how much money it costs, it’s easy to see that streaming a bit of water at your bottom will not only save you money and help cut back on deforestation but save you time every time you go!

A Squatty Potty Bidet Is Cleansing and Therapeutic As Well As Simple to Install and Use

A Squatty Potty Bidet, called the ReFresh-It Bidet, is cleansing and therapeutic. The company jokes that when it comes to cleanliness and convenience, this handy product has your “backside.” It installs in minutes and is simple to use, offering manual water pressure control and adjustable spray direction.

Excerpt From “Bidets and Toilet Stools Are Ideal for Raw Food Enthusiasts” in Fruit-Powered Magazine

“When I garden without gloves, I use my elbows or pinky finger to turn on a faucet, wash my hands with water—and then I reach for a towel. It would be absolutely asinine, after all, to smear dirt all over my hands by rubbing them with a towel first, right? Why, then, have so many of us been doing less-than-pristine job when it comes to cleanup in the bathroom? Every day, hundreds of million people flush money down their toilets in the form of toilet paper, whose manufacture encourages deforestation. … Bidets train a stream of water at the bottom for less invasive, more hygienic cleanup. They are used extensively in Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand along with many other countries in southern Europe, South America and the Middle East.”

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