The Secret Documentary | Rhonda Byrne

The Secret, an extraordinary documentary from Rhonda Byrne, explores the concept of the Law of Attraction, otherwise simply called a secret that has been shared by some of the most-notable people in history.

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The Secret Is Your Ticket to the Life You've Always Dreamed About

The Secret, a powerful and life-changing documentary from filmmaker Rhonda Byrne, focuses on a secret that has been passed down over the ages.

In this groundbreaking documentary film, which dives deep into the Law of Attraction, a group of authors, doctors, philosophers and scientists reveal the grand secret that has transformed the lives of all those willing to live it. This is the secret to everything—joy, health, money, relationships, love, happiness. It’s the secret to everything you have ever wanted in your life!

The Secret explains, with simplicity and real-world examples, the universal law that governs all lives. This movie offers the knowledge of how you can create a joyful life filled with peace, love, good health, abundance and other things you might yearn for in your life.

As you learn the secret, you will discover how you can have, be or do anything you want.

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The Secret Has Been Harnessed by the Likes of Plato and Einstein

Over the centuries, the secret has been highly coveted, hidden, lost, stolen and even purchased for very large amounts of money. It has been understood and embraced by some of the most-well-known names history, from Plato Aristocles, Galileo Galilei, Ludwig van Beethoven, Thomas Edison, Andrew Carnegie and Albert Einstein. Many others—including a long line of inventors, philosophers, scientists and theologians—have welcomed the secret into their lives.

With The Secret, Rhonda Byrne reveals the inner workings of the Law of Attraction along with visualization and manifestation to the world.

Fruitarian Store creator Brian Rossiter credits this sensational movie with inspiring his search for books, movies and more information that zeroes in on the Law of Attraction.

An All-Star Lineup Is Featured in The Secret

Rhonda Byrne assembled a star-studded team of authors, designers, filmmakers, ministers, publishers and teachers to present the secret to the world in this can’t-miss documentary.

Contributors include:

• John Assaraf
• Michael Bernard Beckwith
• Lee Brower
• Jack Canfield
• Dr. John F. Demartini
• Marie Diamond
• Mike Dooley
• Bob Doyle

• Hale Dwoskin
• Morris Goodman
• Dr. John Gray
• Dr. John Hagelin
• Bill Harris
• Dr. Ben Johnson
• Loral Langemeier
• Lisa Nichols

• Bob Proctor
• James Arther Ray
• David Schirmer
• Marci Shimoff
• Dr. Joe Vitale
• Dr. Denis Waitley
• Neale Donald Walsch
• Dr. Fred Alan Wolf

Running time: 91 minutes.

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