VIVO Standing Desk Converter

With the VIVO Standing Desk Converter (DESK-V001G), find a good balance between sitting and standing to improve your work experience. Add this dual-tier height-adjustable workstation to transform your workspace and feel more active throughout your workday.

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With a VIVO Standing Desk Converter, Mix up Your Workday Posture, Going From Sit to Stand in Mere Seconds

The VIVO Standing Desk Converter (DESK-V001G) can help you feel stronger in the active standing position but enable you to switch gears in a flash and take a seated position at times throughout your workday.

Many folks are working remotely these days, and the VIVO Standing Desk Converter (DESK-V001G) can give you the flexibility your body craves when you’re stuck in an office chair all day.

Fruitarian Store creator Brian Rossiter has reaped the benefits of using a standing desk, with his body feeling stronger and better aligned.

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VIVO Sit-Stand Desk Converter (DESK-V001G) Features and Benefits

You can achieve a good balance between sitting and standing in your home office with this VIVO sit-stand desk. You can adjust your desk riser from 5 inches to 16 inches in height with a sturdy gas spring using a pressure handle in a single fluid stroke.

This particular VIVO Standing Desk, model DESK-V001G, is a space-efficient product, unlike a lot of sit-to-stand desks on the market. For many, this is ideal, enabling you to place this unit on a small desk or even foldable table.

The VIVO Standing Desk Converter features a desktop measuring 25 inches by 18 inches, with a keyboard tray running 25 inches by 10 inches. The base size measures 15½ by 19½ inches. The desktop tray can support monitors and other equipment weighing 17.6 pounds, and the keyboard tray holds equipment weighing 5 pounds. (If you need a standing desk converter that can support greater weights and offers more space, check out the VariDesk Essential 36.)

A one-touch lock mechanism that enables the appropriate monitor height to be locked in place for the best ergonomic setting is part of this VIVO sit-stand desk’s sturdy lift system, preventing unintentional movement and equipment wobble.

If you’re not a fan of big assembly jobs, you can rejoice when you receive your VIVO Standing Desk. Almost no assembly is required, so you can get to work in no time!

Finally, this sleek and compact desk converter is backed by a limited three-year manufacturer guarantee to address any issues.

The VIVO Standing Desk Might Help Improve Your Posture—But Only If Your Body Is Ready for It

Brian Rossiter believes use of a standing desk may help one develop a stronger body.

Some believe use of a standing desk will automatically lead to better posture.

Whether one can achieve better posture simply through the use of a standing desk is debatable. Brian Rossiter knows that practically everyone has pelvis and hip misalignment that affects leg rotation and stance. When a person affected by severe joint misalignment and poor posture stands for several hours, they tend to shift their weight back and forth between legs. The result is that use of a standing desk may reinforce suboptimal alignment rather than helping some improve posture.

Also creator of the Posture Exercises Method, Brian Rossiter credits his use of a standing desk in keeping the bottom half of his body engaged during his workday. If you are affected by chronic pain and/or desire to move and feel better—as well as sit better and stand better—a Posture Exercises Method practice can propel you to experience unrivaled pain relief and peak performance in all you do.

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